About Kids Expo

Booming Opportunities in China Kid’s Education Market 

As the abolishment of One-child Policy in China, the government is devoting more to the public kindergartens, inclusive kindergartens and private kindergartens by expanding newly-built kindergartens to guarantee preschool education service system.

Until 2015, there are 223,700 kindergartens in China with an increase of 13,800 compared with last year. In addition, the gross kindergarten enrollment is up to 75%, 4.5% higher than that last year.

It's predicted that by 2020 kids population will top 52 million bringing flourishing preschool education market of 50 trillion in China.

Top event for one-stop international trade of kids’ education industry
As a well-known preschool education exhibition in China, 2017 The 2nd China Preschool  Education Conference & The 8th International Kid‘s Education Expo (short for Kid’s Expo China 2017) will be held on June 9-11, 2017 in Poly World Trade  Center, Guangzhou. 

Kid’s Expo China 2017 is aim at improving the educational quality of preschool education, introducing advanced overseas ideas & products and promoting top Chinese brands.

The total area is expected to up to 20,000sqm. More than 500 excellent brands among the manufacturers in teaching materials, learning and educational toys, teaching facilities, excellent courses and kid’s educational products will be invited, including 20% of international exhibitors.