【Kid’s Expo】Preoccupation on Pushing Online Preschool Education Under Great Multipressure

2016-10-25 11:35:46

On the recent 5 years, online preschool education has sprout out with thousands of top investors, however, it still lacks of giant emergence in such dispersed market with much new companies. It is difficult for new companies to permeate into such marketing environment where promotion is not accessible and education content and products need to be updated continuously.


Online education is not as a straight commercial model as Uber, for example. It has more complicated as a tree-like model in which different kind of education content should be included and updated according to the needs of customers. In addition, with a weak education systematicness of traditional preschool education, esp. in family education and content, the research on digital education is facing difficulties.


Does payer of online preschool education should be separated from user?

Most people think that parents are the payer of online preschool education while children are the user of online preschool education. However, we should think it over from practical and theoretical prospective.


Practically, assume that it is correct, parents are just using online preschool education as a tool to take care of their kids so that they can have time to rest or just entertain their kids. In fact, online preschool education is not exerting its maximization to teach kids, if it does, parents are willing to spend as much money as they can for those products or services that educate their kids.


Theoretically speaking, if a smartphone, an device can educate our kids as teachers, there is no need for us to open school or university and more and more talents will appear without going to key schools. Digital education can bring more convenience to us and make education easier and accessible, but it can not educate as a real teacher can do as school. Education is not just conveying knowledge for kids, but a process on kid’s absorption to knowledge.


To push online preschool education should not only depend on investors, developers or teachers, but families and parents. Children should be educated in an environment where everyone they meet engages. That why teaching in family and kindergarten are advocated nowadays. Maybe we should think more about the influence and impact of 600 million parents.


We should make full use of the purchasing power of 600 million parents in online preschool education and break the mold to push it toward a new level.


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