Kids Education Expo is Waiting for You

2017-04-10 16:41:21

Kids Expo China 2017 aims at introducing advanced overseas ideas & products and promoting top Chinese brands so as to build an international trade platform


Join this professional event and gain great business opportunities!


 20,000 sqm ( two exhibition halls)


 400 companies 

( China, USA, Korea, Singapore, etc.)


1.  kids learning & living products

( textbook, app, music, art, hobbies, toys, etc)

2.  kindergarten products

(construction, management, app, etc.)

Visitors Business Types

 ( 20,000 attendees .

From China & other over 20 countries)

1.  kids education group

2.  distributors & agents & int’l trader

3.  kids education associations representatives

4.  investors, franchisees

Specialized Shows

Preschool Education Brand Franchising 

Green Kindergarten Designs 

KidsIntelligence Development

Family-Kindergarten Co-Education 




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